Focus On: Peugeot

This month in our Focus On feature, we're taking a look at the range of commercial vehicles available from popular vehicle manufacturer, Peugeot. A multi award-winning manufacturer, Peugeot pride themselves on their vehicles' style, reliability and durability, boasting long maintenance intervals as well as competitive running costs. They're increasingly environment-friendly too, thanks to reduced C02 emissions from the Peugeot's modern engine.

bott Smartvan offers a number of solutions for the Peugeot van range and we are adding to it all the time, with a new solution for the large-sized Boxer currently in development. If you're in need of some racking inspiration for your Peugeot workhorse, read on!

Which Peugeot models can I rack out?

Probably the most popular of the Peugeot vans, and coming just inside of the sized Peugeot Expert. Recently voted WhatVan's Medium Van of the Year for the second year running, the Expert comes in a range of sizes suitable for any trade. Renowned for its versatility and economical output - offering the lowest fuel consumption and emissions in its class - the Expert is the industry's top-dog in a very crowded and impressive field.

bott Smartvan currently provides racking solutions for the Standard and Long versions of the new Expert, and can supply kit for both single sliding door and dual side door models.

Also available is the smaller Peugeot Partner; another award winner, it was named International Van of the Year for 2019 back in September this year, prior to the official launch of the 2019 model coming in January.

Offering a vehicle tailored to the most specific of needs, from sole traders to larger fleets,racking for the Partner is supplied in 2 body lengths - L1 or L2 - and can be customised to fit your business needs. With the inclusion of new technologies such as an Overload indicator in the soon-to-be-released 2019 Partner, which alerts drivers to any violation of the maximum authorised payload for the van, a lightweight steel bott Smartvan racking system will be more practical than ever. Saving a huge amount of weight in the body of the van, a lightweight modular racking set-up means you can make the most of your load space and carry all of your necessary kit safely and securely without fear of exceeding weight limits.

Finally, bott Smartvan also offers a solution for one of the less common Peugeot models - the Bipper - which shares a platform with the equally compact Citroen Nemo and Fiat Fiorino. The Bipper has less choice in terms of differing lengths and heights but, released around the same time as the Partner in 2007, it has been a longstanding member of the small van catalogue. For sole traders with less kit to carry, effectively organising the compact load space in the Bipper could be the perfect solution for keeping your day-to-day business running smoothly.

Top modules for the Peugeot Expert

The Peugeot Expert is one of bott Smartvan's Top 20 vans - offering a sizeable load area, there are a number of options for maximising the load space and keeping your kit organised.

Even in the standard-length Expert with dual sliding doors, there is room in the spacious load area for full-sized bott Smartvan modules on either side of the van. This means you can really make the most of your space and customise your racking so it works for you.

Module 401 (installed on the nearside of the van) offers a huge amount of flexibility with its 4 long shelves which come in a variety of depths - from 125mm to 325mm - for optimum storage.

To maximise the shelf space, you can opt to add our Recommended Accessory Kit for the module which includes anti-slip mats and moveable metal shelf dividers so that you can create compartments in the trough shelving and ensure that your kit is always in its rightful place, making it quick and simple to monitor and manage stock levels.

Moving to the offside of the van, customers are loving our new Module 512 which offers a relatively new bott Smartvan accessory - the Cable Reel Holder. Module 512 offers 2 of the 500mm wide cable reel holder bars which will keep your tube-based kit secure and organised. It also comes with a selection of removable storage boxes so that parts you need to regularly transport inside to jobs can be quickly and easily moved from the van without additional time spent sorting them into carry cases, bags or your hand!

One of our most popular and useful modules - which can only be supplied on certain dual side door vans - is the reversed Module 601. A fairly basic module comprised of 4 shelves of varying depth,Module 601R can be turned so that the shelves are fully accessible from the outside.

No more clambering into the back of the van to collect your parts, now you can keep feet firmly on the ground and get what you need simply by sliding open the offside door.

This design for the standard length, dual side door Peugeot Expert is available through our handy online configurator and can be further customised to include the parts and accessories you need to make it work for your business. The set-up you see here costs less than £1300 + VAT, including a 10% dynamic discount!

Top modules for the Peugeot Partner

The Partner provides a more compact load space but, with a bit of clever racking know-how, you can maximise this space to keep everything you need on the road with you.

Module 15 is a great half-sized module which fits right beside the nearside sliding door. Offering 3 power tool case holders it's ideal for ensuring your expensive power tools aren't left sitting in awkwardly shaped shelves or, even worse, sliding around the floor and potentially getting damaged!

Our power tool case holders are also available to buy individually from the bott Smartvan accessory shop so you can add additional storage to your racks if 3 tool cases just aren't enough.

Module 115 is an ideal complement for the opposite side of the van. Offering a huge range of storage options this is perhaps our most comprehensive module on the configurator. You get one of (almost!) everything in this kit, including trough shelves, removable VarioSafe and VarioSlide storage boxes, a VarioSort case for keeping the smallest of parts safe and portable, and a set of BottBoxes which can be moved in and out of the shelves as necessary.

Want to make even more of your payload area? Try adding a raised floor deck which comes complete with a 12mm non-slip plywood floor panel to protect the floor of the van from wear and tear. With 253mm of useable space under the deck you can store everything from extra storage boxes and ladders, to longer kit like pipes and tubes.

This design for the short wheelbase (L1), nearside door Peugeot Partner is also available through our configuratorand can be customised to include any additional parts and accessories you need to make it work for you. The set-up you see here costs less than £1100 + VAT, including a 10% dynamic discount!

If you've got a Peugeot van or are thinking of upgrading to a new model, check out our racking offering on the online configurator, or take a look at some of our customer images on the website.

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