Why You Should Install Van False Floor Storage

If you’re searching for a solution to increase the capacity of your vehicle, consider a false floor storage system. Not only will this kit improve access to tools and equipment in your van, it will also improve security - a must-have when you’re working on site with valuable tools and equipment.
Put simply, a false floor (or raised floor) is a specialised storage solution that involves creating an elevated storage space over the existing floor of your vehicle. This additional storage attaches to the rear racks of your van, creating an extra layer of space.
Not only does false flooring increase capacity, but also allows you to categorise and arrange your tools systematically. Further, when you're transporting heavy items, a false floor can help to distribute the weight evenly across the van, reducing the risk of overloading the left and right hand rear racks.
Learn more about the advantages of van false floor storage below or check which raised floor options are available for your vehicle by using our van racking configurator.

The advantages of false floor storage

Increased storage capacity
Installing a raised floor inside your van immediately optimises your available space. It allows you to transport more equipment, tools and goods while maintaining a clear and organised cargo area. The images below demonstrate how our customers like to use their raised floors to maximise storage.

Improved security

Van theft is a big problem in every trade. And so you want to do everything you can to prevent it. Our false floor system integrates seamlessly with the interior of your van, maintaining an inconspicuous appearance. This makes it less obvious to passersby that there may be valuable items inside, reducing the risk of break-ins.

Protection from damage

When tools are stored on the main cargo area floor, they can shift during transit, potentially causing damage or creating a safety hazard. When you install flooring, you can rest easy knowing your tools are in place, reducing the risk of damage or accidents. Moreover, the textured, anti-slip base of the floor further prevents movement.

Strap / tie-down points

bott Smartvan false floors offer built-in points for load-securing straps. This feature provides an easy-to-secure solution for tying down your items, holding tools, parts and bulkier items in place.

Enhanced accessibility

Our floors are designed to be used with heavy-duty, long-life reusable Eurobox Containers. This offers enhanced accessibility to miscellaneous parts, tools, and components. They can be easily removed and carried onto the job (with easy-to-carry handles). Plus, they can be stacked on top of each other to further maximise space.

bott Smartvan False Floor options

On the right, you can see an illustrative example of our ½ kit, designed to be compatible with all medium-sized vans.


This shorter underfloor system is great if you want to retain base floor access from the side door while maximising underfloor and deck storage. Designed with integrated tie-down points, the raised floor is ideal for transporting large items, whilst maintaining the original floor space in your van for items such as ladders or Euroboxes.

If you're looking to get the very most out of your van’s storage space, a full-length raised floor system is also available. This larger false floor will maximise the storage capacity of your van, providing an extra layer of floor space, whilst still providing access to the base floor.

Accessories to get the most out of your van's false floors

We offer a range of van accessories that pair perfectly with your van’s raised floors. From removable cases and boxes, to clever Perfo Panels for easy access.

Click here to see over 150 Van accessories.

bott Vice Unit

The bott Vice Unit kit offers a 360-degree medium-duty swivel which fits to the bott raised floor system and can be extended up to 600mm for working outside of the van. This accessory is perfect for holding multiple parts together or welding/soldering parts together and can act as a second ‘pair of hands’ on any job.

Perfo Panel

Perfo Panels are a great addition to your bott raised floor, safely securing and organising tools. They fit neatly between modules to help partition the van using the raised back panel. Made of reinforced, galvanised steel, the storage board is compatible with a large range of Perfo accessories such as cable hooks, spring clips, glove boxes and wipes.

Customers utilising bott Smartvan false floors

Below you can see how our customers like to best use their raised floors.

To find out which raised floor options are available for your vehicle, visit our configurator. It’s easy to create your custom solution and see your van interior come together. And remember, if you’re ever stuck, our team is always on hand to offer bespoke advice for you and your vehicle.