How to configure custom van racking for an electric vehicle

How many tools do you transport in your van? Whether it's a small selection of highly adaptable devices or a whole host of tools and equipment to cover every task, you need to make sure they're secure, easy to access and well organised. bott Smartvan van racking is designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Not only can you customise your van racking to match your vehicle, but you can select specific accessories to facilitate seamless tool storage.

In this article, we'll highlight three of our most popular small accessories used to hold tools and equipment in your van. We've also included customer photography so you can visualise them in your own professional work space.

Cable Hook hacks for your van racking

Cable Hooks can be used for more than their name suggests. Our customers have found so many handy ways to make them the ultimate multi-purpose small accessory.

All you need to tether tools, parts and accessories using Cable Hooks in 4 Perfo holes. Simply fix and secure in place to start maximising the load space in your van. This is also a great trick for making use of wasted space, for example the rear windows, that otherwise might be left clear. Further, using Cable Hooks helps with accessibility, with all parts ready to quickly untie and use.

The images below show how some of our customers have used Cable Hooks to organise the back of their van, including a before and after depicting how tools can be easily attached.

Easy storage with Sealant Tube Holders

If you often find yourself rummaging through boxes to retrieve items or notice that parts get damaged when piled up together, you need to install Sealant Tube Holders. By using Perfo holes to attach the holders into your van racking, you can store and access everyday items. This keeps them secure and easily accessible when you're on site.

Just like Cable Hooks, using Sealant Tube Holders in this fashion will help you to make use of wasted space in your vehicle, such as the rear window space. Simply attach Perfo panels to your rear door and you'll instantly grow your interior space.

This is also a great hack to help you manage what tools and equipment you have in stock, preventing you from purchasing more at a trade counter when it's not necessary.

An extra pair of hands from the Vice Unit Kit

A Vice can be helpful for a number of tasks, including helping you with tricky items that need holding in place. The swiveling aspect will enable you to tighten and loosen tools with ease.

The bott Smartvan Vice can only be fitted if a deck kit/raised floor is part of your van's configuration or as a part of the design and van racking solution. However, when installed it fits neatly and tidily underneath, which makes your operation smoother while increasing loading space in the back of your vehicle.

View the gallery of Vice images below to imagine how it could fit into your custom van racking solution.

We hope we've given you a few handy tips and tricks to help maximise storage in your van, and make the most of your van racking system. With so many ways to configure your racking and accessories to help you load your tools securely, our experts are on hand to help you discover the best solution. Get in touch to explore your options further so that you always arrive on-site with a vehicle optimised for the work you do.