Van racking on the road: Smartvan's 2022 show roundup

After a notably turbulent few years, it was important for us to get back out on the road in 2022 and visit some of our favourite shows. It was brilliant to be reunited with lots of familiar faces - and some new ones too! In this article, we'll unpack the reasons why we love attending trade events, and reveal the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Where have we travelled this year?

Every event we've attended over the last 12 months has given us the opportunity to showcase what we do best, and let the delegates get hands on with Smartvan van racking and accessories. This year we've visited:

  • Bolton Arena, Bolton
  • Alexandra Place, London
  • YEC, Harrogate
  • ICC Wales, Newport
  • CBS Arena, Coventry
  • Westpoint Arena, Exeter
  • Sandown Racecourse, Surrey

With a fully kitted out van, our van racking experts have given hundreds of guided tours around the inside of the vehicle. Explaining how our van racking works, and most importantly how it can be customised to suit each customer and their trade.

Getting hands on with Smartvan van racking

No matter what trade you work in, your workspace needs to suit the tools and equipment you use day-to-day. With a professionally organised workspace, you're not only setting the right tone for your business, but will be able to work smarter in the field.

That's why we bring our van with us to each event, enabling customers to see exactly how our van racking works, how it can be adapted, and the endless personalisation options available with accessories. We love showing you the kit first hand, especially if you've only ever seen images and 3D renders online on our website or social media.

Together, we can help you design the best solution live at the event, working out exactly what would work for you (and what wouldn't!). You can then go away with a strong and comfortable understanding of how to configure the right solution.

Our most asked questions

After speaking with hundreds of delegates this year, we thought it would be helpful to share our most frequently asked questions.

What can I get for my van?

Many people think that your trade will hugely influence your van racking set up. However, this isn't necessarily the case. In fact, plenty of people across different trades have similar set-ups. It all depends on the tools you carry. Due to the customisable nature of our van racking and accessory inventory, we can work with you and your vehicle to configure a solution that works best for you.

How much does the average van racking set-up cost?

Understandably, this was a really common question. And people had wildly different ideas about what a bott Smartvan kit would cost. Obviously the type of set-up you have will influence the price. However, for a medium van (such as a Transit Custom) it would be around the £2K mark. This is actually a lot less than customers are often expecting!

There are, of course, less costly options on the market. However, these are very unlikely to last the long haul, and could cause serious damage to your van and tools. Lots of people choose ply van racking because they think it's the least expensive option, and therefore the best one. But they later find that ply doesn't stand the test of time, does not keep the contents of their van safe, and simply lacks the quality their professional workspace needs. The cost actually goes beyond investing in metal racking as you need to update, buy more or fix the ply system. To find out more about metal vs ply van racking, read our blog.

What happens if I change my van?

At the design stage, we prioritise adaptability. If you get a new van, you can take your kit with you. Providing that you stick with the same size vehicle i.e. micro, small, medium, large. The only thing that might affect the new kit purchase is the bracket sets and the wheelbase. Brackets are van-specific and frame sizes change on SWB (L1) to LWB (L2) vans. Chat to us about how to make sure your van racking transfer goes as smoothly as possible.

Can I just order the frames?

The short answer is: no. bott Smartvan is an off-the-shelf solution, which means you need to select from pre-configured options and adapt it post-purchase. It's always worth chatting to our expert team at bott Smartvan HQ however, as we can offer faster lead times (10-15 days maximum but typically 3-5 days for common vehicles) compared with other brands. We can also help you to select the right accessories for the job. We'll talk through your tool and equipment inventory in detail and make suggestions for customisation based on your specific needs.

Is there a post-show discount?

This is always worth asking! If you have seen or spoken to us at a show this year and completed our marketing option form, you will receive an extra percentage discount off your kit should you decide to order.

We also have our annual Black Friday discount right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled this month to find out how much you could save.

And that's our round-up complete! We want to say a big thank you to everyone involved in organising this year's busy calendar of events. And thanks to the huge number of new and returning customers we met along the way. We're so thrilled to be back out in our van, showcasing the van racking we're so proud to produce.

To start building your own custom van racking solution, visit our configurator. And don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about kitting out your vehicle.