How to configure custom van racking for your electric vehicle

As the government sets out a new net zero strategy, the electric motor industry has a big part to play. More than £1.8 billion is being invested in infrastructure and support to facilitate access to zero-emissions vehicles and to nurture a greener economic recovery.

A £620 million grant has been reserved to help pay for electric vehicles, as well as charging systems to supply residential areas with the power they need.

Crucially, from 2024, all car manufacturers must sell electric vehicle alternatives. The pressure will rise and rise, until 2030 when the sale of brand new petrol or diesel vehicles will be banned. And this includes vans. Even heavier vans - those above 3.5 tonnes - will have to go pollution free by 2035.

With these changes right around the corner, it's time to think about how your van and van racking system will be affected. If you drive an electric van already, it's time to think about upgrading your van racking to support your vehicle. If you've not yet made the switch, it's important to invest in van shelving systems that can be transferred seamlessly into your future electric vehicle. Either way, we've got the right solution to support the fast approaching gear change towards a greener automotive industry.

Why choose bott Smartvan racking for your electric vehicle?

bott modulo3, our latest generation of van racking, has been developed in line with the rapid introduction of electric vans. The recent news from the government isn't a big surprise based on the ongoing shift towards greener technology. And we're leading the charge with van racking to match.

Drilling is not an option with bott Smartvan racking. We don't want to incur damage to your vehicle, and we want you to be able to switch up your racking and accessories easily. This flexible approach also means that our racking has been designed to fit around your electric van's encased floor-mounted battery.

It's lightweight too, which is a must-have trait for your electric vehicle. Heavy van racking isn't just tricky to install, but it's terrible for your van's battery efficiency. Just like with petrol or diesel, the heavier the vehicle, the more fuel it takes to get the job done. And if you're investing in an electric vehicle, you want it to run as efficiently as possible!

What to do if you're not currently driving an electric van

If you haven't yet made the shift to an electric van, it's still worth considering how you'll make the inevitable transition in the next few years. Our intelligent frame design means that bott Smartvan racking is easily transferable from your existing petrol or diesel van into an electric vehicle of the same size.

With such an easy transition, investing in van racking now can help you to work out the exact configuration that suits your work and the tools you use. It also spreads out the investment. That way, when it's time for your new electric-powered vehicle, it's less expensive and means you'll be ready to drive away in a matter of hours with everything you need, where you need it.

Further, you'll be ready to reap the additional benefits that come with driving a professionally organised electric vehicle. You'll quickly notice that electric vans generate lower maintenance and operating costs. They also carry other benefits in terms of tax and cost savings from government 'green' incentive schemes such as help-to-buy and exemption from congestion charges.

Get ahead and prepare for your electric future

If you're thinking about investing in van racking for your electric van, or for a future vehicle, explore everything you need to know here. Or visit our configurator, where you can select the make and model of your van, and start to customise a van racking solution that works for you. Complete with the accessories and add-ons that add that extra creative touch to your professional work space - now, and for years to come.