Waiting for your van? Get prepared with custom van racking

With a global semiconductor shortage on our hands, the automotive industry is struggling to meet demand. Not only are there not enough in production, but logistics companies are struggling too.

If you're still waiting for your van to arrive, there are a few measures you can take in the meantime to get your van racking and accessories ready. Read on to find out how we're helping our customers prepare.

Why is there a semiconductor shortage?

Before we help you prepare your van for racking installation, it's important to outline the key issues preventing you from driving away in your brand new vehicle.

When tech firms first grasped the enormity of Covid, they responded to early signs of fluctuating demand by stockpiling the chips. This obviously meant that other companies were unable to source them. Further, the technology requirements of working from home has put pressure on factories to produce and ship at a faster rate. A rate they haven't necessarily been able to keep up with. This has had a knock on effect for the pace at which logistics companies have had to keep up. The cost of shipping has not always been a huge issue for tech firms. However, with increased demand during Covid, the cost of moving more shipping containers has shifted things. And meanwhile, a shortage of drivers and other logistics workers - due to both the pandemic and Brexit - has resulted in further spiralling.

On top of this, lockdowns saw factory closures, winter storms in Texas shutdown semiconductor factories and a fire at a similar plant in Japan further accelerated the problem.

In light of this situation, many van deliveries are set to be delayed until 2022. So what are you supposed to do in the meantime?

When your van delivery is delayed, how can you prepare your van racking?

While we often see certain makes and models held up by supply chain problems, this fundamental component scarcity is impacting every van manufacturer across the board.

But the good news is there are a few proactive steps you can take between now and your van's delivery date.

After all, you can always invest in your van racking system ahead of time, to ensure you're ready to get the most out of your vehicle from day one.

Make sure your van purchase has been confirmed

Normally we wouldn't need to emphasise this. However, with shortages and cancellations currently occurring at a more frequent rate, it's integral that you receive confirmation of your van order before purchasing your van racking. Please don't rush ahead and order anything until your order has been confirmed - no matter how long it might take.

Every make and model will have specific van racking requirements. While you can pre-design and purchase your shelving and storage, always get that order confirmation first in case the variation of van changes.

Take advantage of your rental van

While you're waiting for your delivery, you might be renting a van to enable you to work. Is this the same make and model of your upcoming new vehicle? If so, great. If not, consider renting the same one. Because that means you can get started with your van racking as soon as possible.

Every bott Smartvan van racking system is completely customisable and modular. That means you can order it now, spend time adjusting and fitting it into your rental van, ready to seamlessly transfer into your new van when it's ready for you.

Get inspired by our favourite van racking case studies

You never have to start from scratch. In fact, there are plenty of excellent examples of unique and professional van racking systems ready to view online now. Some customers prefer installing relatively simple configurations. While others, like Nick Sammut - a painter and decorator - has chosen to adapt his van shelving kit significantly to cater for his extensive kit.

When Nick installed his bott modulo3 van racking into his Ford Transit, he found that it entirely transformed the way he works. That's because this light-weight, fuel efficient racking solution has given him unrivalled organisation, the adaptability he needs for his tools and equipment, as well as exposing the maximum floor space area he needs to do his job properly.

You can read more about Nick's custom van racking solution here.

Research van racking accessories

While your van racking system is the most significant way you'll level up your van's interior, don't forget to order the appropriate accessories to match. From shelving units to boxes and storage - your accessories will improve the way you work, helping you to organise everything you need to get the job done.

This is where you can really start to personalise your project. We know that every van requires different solutions in order to enable job success. You might need certain secure storage systems to keep the important stuff safe, or space-saving Perfo Panels to keep everything neatly organised.

To get started, ask yourself what you struggle to find in your van at the moment and work backwards. That way, you'll ensure you factor in every possible requirement. Obviously what you need will differ greatly if you deal with small electrical components compared with larger hand-held tools.

Visit our accessories page to think about the possibilities for your van, and get creative!

Get in touch with our expert van racking team at bott Smartvan

If you're ready to get ahead and organise your van racking, but you're not sure where to start, get in touch with our expert team. At bott Smartvan, we're well placed to help van owners from a diversity of sectors discover which solutions are best for them and their work.

We'll help you to explore our shelving systems, select the right one for your vehicle, and work together to customise your chosen solution for the tools you use.