How do you rack out a van?

Search "van racking" or "van storage" and the responses are endless! From cheap DIY ply solutions to expensive bespoke designed and fitted van racking storage solutions, there is a myriad of choice out there. So, how do you rack out a van and how do you know what will work for you? After all, it's only a van racking storage solution if it fixes a problem.

Luckily there are some considerations around van racking storage solutions which are common across most trades and business types that use vans. We've put together a list of the top 8 things to consider, and once you've covered those you should be confidently heading in the right direction for the van racking storage solution for you.

Do I just want a van racking storage solution, or do I want more?

There are companies out there who can do a lot more than just van racking. As a part of their bespoke design service they can install electrical solutions, apply decals and much more. Of course, there is a cost associated with this, but if you need it all done then getting it in one place might represent a saving overall and could well shorten the time it takes to get your van on the road. We would recommend our parent company Bott Ltd who have been designing and fitting full vehicle conversions for over 30 years.

Is having a van racking storage solution about more than organisation?

I think we all know that (even if we don't always manage to achieve it) being organised saves us time, money and stress! But is there any other value to be had from fitting van racking? We often get feedback from our customers, that their customers have commented on how professional their van looks. Making sure the van racking storage solution you fit will keep looking good for years ahead should definitely be a key consideration when shortlisting your options.

How do I protect my new van?

For any business the investment in a new van is significant and it represents a business asset that you want to take care of. Fitting a good van racking storage solution can help to protect your van in and of itself...but what if you could go further! If possible, opt for a solution which is "no drill"; you don't have to drill into your shiny new van to fit it. There are several options out there on the market, including bott Smartvan's design which uses existing manufacturer fixing points for the racking to bolt into. This protects the integrity of the van shell and also the re-sale value.

Where will I store medium size parts?

Medium size items will often need a van racking storage solution designed specifically for them. The main one is power tools, which most of us have a fair few of, but what about other less obvious items? Wherever you're looking for your van racking, you'll want to make sure that items such as sealant tubes, cable drums, hoses, your site radio and of course your beloved power tools all have a place they can be efficiently and safely stored.

How to organize big items

Whether it's all the time (for work) or only occasionally (your mate needs a sofa moved) one of the reasons for having a van is the load capacity and being able to transport large items. To make sure your new van racking storage solution doesn't stop you having this flexibility it's worth looking for 2 things; a slimline design and a raised floor. A slimline design, like bott Smartvan's, helps to keep your loading bay clear, meaning you can still fit a euro pallet / bath / sofa between the racks.

A raised floor effectively doubles your floor space, so you can store ladders, boxes etc under the deck and keep the top clear as a work space or for loading larger items at the end of the day, without having to clear your van out first!

Modular van storage, plan for the future

A really important part of your decision making should be thinking about the future. Ok, so the van racking storage solution you're looking at works for you today, but will it do the same tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Ask yourself if the option you are considering has the flexibility to support your future business needs. If it doesn't then it might be time to look at a solution like bott Smartvan, which is designed to be interchangeable, like meccanno or lego! If you have a new storage need you simply unbolt your current storage element (be that a shelf, a draw or a whole rack) and replace it with one that will work for your new needs. As one of our customers said "it's the gift that keeps on giving... it's a nightmare!"

How safe is van racking in a crash?

We don't want to think about it but sometimes the worst does happen through no fault of our own. If for no other reason than your peace of mind, make sure you choose a van racking storage solution that can stand up and be counted. Check whether, like bott Smartvan van racking, the system has been crash tested and also comes with a 3 year warranty as standard. Check out the reputation of the company, are they known for their reliability and customer care? If you can answer yes to all 3 of these then you're on the right track.