Ryan Mills - Plumber

Vehicle: Volkswagen T6

"Everything has its place and it's so easy to put my hand on the item I need. This speeds up time on a job and cuts down on needless trips to the plumbers merchants."

When deciding to launch our latest innovation in van racking, the bott modulo3 range, we knew we wanted honest feedback from the tradespeople that use it. Ryan Mills is a plumbing and heating engineer who used our new van racking for his VW van and wanted an alternative to the squeaky ply racking he had used before bott Smartvan.



"What is the make and model of your van?"

"I own a Volkswagen Transporter T6.1. Purchased March 2021. My second VW van."


"How long have you had bott Smartvan racking?"

"I've had bott Smartvan racking for nearly 4 years now. First purchase was the bott modulo2 set up with bulkhead, both sides and the half floor deck option. Chopped and changed a fair bit over the first year until I found the perfect set up for how I work. The half floor deck was the best thing I did. Maximised storage with the addition of a van vault slider being installed underneath."


"What type of van racking did you have before bott Smartvan?"

I always had plywood and it would be great for the first few months then annoy me. I could never come up with something that suits my needs no matter how many attempts and endless vans over the years. It's also not as long lasting and the squeak gets on my nerves! :D


"How has professional van racking changed the way you work?"

"Everything has its place and it's so easy to put my hand on the item I need. This speeds up time on a job and cuts down on needless trips to the plumbers merchants. I love the fact it's easy to chop and change accessories over the years, for example swapping out a power tool case for an additional shelf. Tools and ways of working change yearly so it's a great benefit having van racking that can change with you."


"What is your favourite feature or accessory of bott Smartvan van racking?"

"The new racking takes far less time to install with the TX screws. That's one of the main advantages of the new changes. Horizontal storage of the Festool organisers is a game changer too. It's something I've been keen on for some time as it maximizes even more space than before and I am finding I have more places to store items. Again this can save on fuel costs in running back and forth to the merchants."


"How is bott modulo3 different to previous bott Smartvan racking in your opinion?"

"It's easier to install for a start. It maximises even more storage space. There are far more options in the accessories shop and you can now store larger power tool cases such as the milwaukee packout. It's a must have racking system, especially if your tools are predominately Festool."


"Would you recommend bott Smartvan van racking to a friend or colleague?"

"Yes I would and I have done on multiple occasions. Mainly to people through social media who have approached me with questions and queries. Recently I helped two friends install their bott modulo2 set ups, both into Ford Transit vans. I started my apprenticeship with both of them and remain very good friends. They both saw the benefit of using the racking from seeing my van and finally took the plunge themselves. Something they both wish they had done sooner."