Are you getting the most out of your Volkswagen Transporter load area?

The VW Transporter is renowned for its versatility and reliability, making it a top choice for professionals across various industries. However, to truly harness its potential, it's essential to optimise the load space effectively. Whatever your trade, ensuring that your van is organised and functional can significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through a step-by-step process to make the most out of your VW Transporter's load space. From understanding your specific needs to choosing the flooring and racking solution that's right for you, we’ll cover everything you need to know. By following these steps, you can create a storage system that not only meets your current requirements, but also adapts to future demands. Ready to transform your VW Transporter into the ultimate mobile work station? Let’s get started!


1. Assess Your Needs

It’s crucial to step back and understand your actual needs before delving into van racking - the right storage solution should be tailored to your specific requirements. With a multitude of options on the market, you need to know what you're looking for. Consider what you usually carry, what future needs may arise, and the value of your cargo (especially the need for lockable storage). After making this inventory, you’ll know what requirements your van storage needs to meet.


2. Vehicle Payload 

Essentially, the payload refers to the legal limit on the weight your vehicle can carry. In a VW T5/6, the payload ranges from approximately 730kg to 1.3 tonnes. Keep this in mind and ensure the storage system you choose is as lightweight as possible to reduce costs, maximise payload, and still have the capacity to transport the goods your work requires. This is an important point to consider when deciding on the material of your new van storage system.

When considering racking from bott Smartvan, you can view the exact dimensions and weight of each product/racking module, simply by reading the full description of the item. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised buy how lightweight the system is; for example, the configuration on the right weighs a total of just 177kg 

Metal Racking System with Raised FloorMetal Racking System with Raised Floor

3. Space-Saving Racking

One of the great perks of racking, is freeing up your floorspace so you can transport larger items. So if you’re taking the plunge, don’t choose something bulky that’s going to take up space. Opt for a system which is *specific* to the Transporter, with framework designed to fit around the side profile of your van.

bott Smartvan have developed vehicle specific brackets for their racking systems, which maximise space efficiency with minimal impact on the central load area, and allow the framework to sit close to the van walls. In the transporter, you'll be left with a width of 1090mm between the left and right framework. If you think this isn't enough space leftover, being a modular system, you could start with racking just on just the righthand side, or just rack out the rear of the van leaving the front section completely free – there’s plenty of options! Click here to learn more about our racking.


4. Load Security 

When maximising your load area, be sure to consider safety features for your cargo. If your goods aren’t secured, they’re bound to slide around and could even become damaged in the process. If you’ve got a racking system installed, it can become a structural support for the cargo you’re transporting if it comes with built-in lashing eyelets as seem featured to the right.


load securing straps and lashing eyeletload securing straps and lashing eyelet

5. Let’s Talk Floors 

Your flooring choice will come down to exactly what you need to carry, but the following options have got you covered! A raised floor will immediately maximise your available space, allowing you to transport more equipment, tools, and goods while keeping that cargo area neat and tidy! In the VW Transporter, you’ve got two main choices - full length or half length:

A full-length floor will, of course, offer you more underfloor storage space, which might be just what you need, and it's the best way to keep your van clutter-free.

volkswagen transporter van racking for tradespeoplevolkswagen transporter van racking for tradespeople

 On the other hand, the half raised floor, although having a lower storage capacity, can prove to be very versatile – it preserves the front of the van as a full-height section, and leaves easier access to the van and racking. The height of the half raised floor can also be adjusted to suit your individual requirements, offering even more flexibiilty. 

bott Smartvan's raised floors also feature integrated lashing eyelets at the sides allowing you to improve your load security yet again! For more information, read our guide on choosing the right van flooring.


6. The Finishing Touches 

Every bit of space counts, so make sure you use it wisely. Store small items that need to be easily accessible on your rear doors or the sides of your racking framework using rear door perfo panels or perfo frame extenders. A vast array of compatible accessories such as sealant tube holders, glove box holders, first aid kits etc, can be found in the perfo accessories tab of our website.
If you're considering a raised floor system, think about how you can best utilise that extra storage space. For added security for more valuable items, consider lockable storage drawers like the Armoguard Trekdror.

lockable van storage for added securitylockable van storage for added security

Transforming your VW Transporter into an organised, efficient workspace is more than just a convenience—it's a strategic move to enhance your workflow and productivity, which will pay for itself time and time again in the hours it saves you by allowing for a quick and easy pack down at the end of each working day. By carefully assessing your needs and designing a storage system which is tailored to you and your business, you can significantly maximise your Transporters load space.

Investing time and thought into setting up your van not only ensures that you can carry more cargo safely and efficiently, but also helps you find and access your tools and equipment quickly, making your day-to-day operations smoother. With the modular and versatile solutions available from bott Smartvan, you can tailor your VW Transporter to perfectly suit your professional needs. Start browsing innovative VW Transporter van racking, and remember if what you see here doesn’t quite fit your vision – get in touch! This is about creating a system that is right for YOU and your work.

Remember, an optimised van is a reflection of a well-organised business. So take the plunge, follow these steps, and watch your productivity soar as you get the most out of your VW Transporter load space.