The ultimate guide to choosing the right van flooring, for you

When it comes to outfitting your van, choosing the right flooring is one of the first steps, and is essential for both functionality and protection. Whether you're a tradesperson requiring something durable & easy to clean, or an EV owner looking for a lightweight solution, the flooring you select can make a significant difference in the efficiency and durability of your vehicle. In this guide, we'll explore the top features to consider when selecting van flooring and highlight the advantages of opting for a fully profiled ply floor from bott Smartvan.

Commercial Vehicle Ply Floors and Raised FloorsCommercial Vehicle Ply Floors and Raised Floors

1. No Drill, No Damage 

To preserve the value of your vehicle, when installing  a floor (and van racking), it’s important to avoid incurring any damage to the vehicle itself to protect the integrity of the van shell and also the re-sale value. This should also be a top priority if you have an EV, where a no-drill floor kit will be especially beneficial as far as your floor mounted battery’s concerned. bott Smartvan ply floors are installed utilising hold down brackets, meaning there’s no need to drill into the vehicle itself. It’s also worth noting that all van racking from bott Smartvan is also a no-drill solution, and is installed using vehicle-specific brackets.  You can learn more about our self-fit ply floors annd racking solutions in the 'about our racking' section of our website.

2. Futerproof WIth Durability

When you’re having to load building materials in and out the van, working in wet British weather and on a busy site, this has the potential to put a lot of wear and tear on your van floor. Make sure to do your research here as selecting the right product at the start will save you time and money in the long run! Consider a floor which is:

a.) Moisture resistant, to withstand the elements and protect your van from rust

b.) Topped with a durable hardwearing coating that is capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use.

If you do your research you're bound to find various different floors on the market that meet both these criteria. For example bott Smartvan fully profiled floors are constructed from moisture resistant birch plywood, with a robust slip-resistant synthetic resin film coating. Whether you're loading heavy equipment or navigating rough terrain, these floors will provide reliable support for your cargo.

3. A Floor That's Easy to Clean

Part of keeping a tidy van is ensuring the equipment is quick and easy to clean down at the end of a messy days work. Cleaning down can’t be overlooked if you want to maintain your professional image, but you can make that process quick and efficient, if you make sure your floor has a smooth, non-porous, moisture resistant surface, so you can simply wipe away dirt, spills, or debris, keeping your van looking professional and organized at all times.

4. Safety – (Non-Slip!)

Safety is paramount, for you and your employees, so a non-slip surface is a priority, especially when having to contend with all kinds of weather. As well as looking after yourselves, this will also ensure any materials you’re having to transport don’t end up sliding around while in transit! bott Smartvan ply floors feature a cross-hatched, non-slip durable grey surface, providing traction for you and your cargo. 

5. A Professional Look

A professional image always makes a good first impression with customers; give your van a clean, professional look that is easy to maintain. Consider a floor with aluminium trim, this finishing touch will add a polished detail to the vans interior, and of course offer a protective edging to prevent scuffs. Complementing our racking systems, our ply floors are available in matching colouring, enhancing the overall appearance of your van's interior. Enjoy a cohesive and professional look that reflects the quality of your workmanship.

Professional Metal Van Racking Professional Metal Van Racking

6. Lightweight Materials

Don't forget when installing a floor (or van racking), it's important to factor in the extra weight you're going to add, as this will have a direct effect on your fuel consumption or battery efficiency, sometimes leading to unforseen extra costs in future.
Choose a floor which is lightweight yet robust, and has been designed with efficiency in mind. By minimizing additional load, our floors help maximize any vehicles performance and range.

7. Van Flooring To Increase Storage Space

Now we’ve covered the key points you’ll need to consider to get the most out of your new van floor, it’s worth highlighting that you may next want to start considering a false floor:
In addition to durable ply floors, bott Smartvan offer matching raised floors that create extra storage space for larger items such as ladders and pipes. Alternatively, you can opt to install an armoguard Trekdror underneath, to turn the lower level into an easily-accessible lockable storage system for your tools. If you want to maximize your van's utility without sacrificing valuable cargo space, read our previous blog detailing the benefits of false floor storage.

Transit Custom Van Racking And Raised FloorTransit Custom Van Racking And Raised Floor

We hope the guide above has helped you to navigate the tricky task of selecting and buying a new floor kit. Choosing the right van flooring is a crucial decision for any tradesperson. With our ply floors, you can enjoy the perfect combination of durability, functionality, and convenience. From no-drill installation to lightweight design, our floors are tailored to meet the needs of our customers, and they can be easily purchased on our website, and shipped straight to your door with an easy-to-follow installation guide within 15 days. Plus, if you're looking to learn more about how we could help you configure a custom van racking solution, we've got you covered: click here to read our blog on why to choose modular van racking