Dan Giles - Carpenter

Vehicle: Vauxhall Vivaro

"Definitely go with bott Smartvan. It’s the professional option"

With customisation at its core, bott modulo3 is designed to complement the needs of tradespeople across all industries. From those who need plenty of storage for small parts and components to those who need open space in the back of their van for practical work on-the-go, there’s a van racking system to match.

After winning 2022’s legendary Festool With You Everyday competition, Carpenter and Joiner Dan Giles couldn’t wait to get stuck in. The prize included a suite of Festool products, as well as a full custom van racking system from bott Smartvan.

In the interview below, we speak to Dan to find out how his new van racking setup has improved his work life.



"Tell us about your job role."

"I'm a self employed carpenter/joiner. I specialise in domestic and residential carpentry and joinery - from cutting roofs and timber framing to installing kitchens, doors, wardrobes etc."


"What made you decide to get bott Smartvan racking installed?"

"I was lucky enough to win the “Festool with you everyday” competition which Bott Smartvan were running alongside Festool UK."


"What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in your day-to-day since installing bott Smartvan racking?"

"Just how neat and organized my van is now and how easy it is to access tools and equipment. It’s had a lot of positive feedback from clients and other trades and gives a good impression of your work ethic. If your van is tidy there’s a good chance your work will be too!"


"What has impressed you the most about your new set up?"

"Definitely the way it integrates so well with the Systainer platform. The runners are easy to adjust to cater for your different sized Systainers and the dolly can even be stowed away nicely on the runners."


"Have there been any key money-saving benefits?"

"Probably the speed at which you can load and unload your tools. You’re not searching for anything, it’s all laid out, organized and accessible."


"And what about time saving benefits?"

"The time saving benefits are how easy it is to load and unload not just tools but materials as well. I use a lot of 8x4 sheets so it’s incredibly easy for me to get a few of them loaded into the van at the merchants and not have to move a load of tools out of the way because it’s all stored vertically on the racking."


"In terms of the accessories you’ve customised your van racking with, which is your favourite?"

"The Perfo panels and accessories have been great and are really easily customizable. The hooks etc can be moved to different positions easily, plus you can get screws/clips that fit into it to mount other accessories like battery holders."


"If you had to do it all again, would you do anything differently?"

"No, because I feel like the setup I have is exactly how I want it."


"Do you have any advice to people considering racking out their vans?"

"Definitely go with bott Smartvan. It’s the professional option. There’s no drilling required as the tailor made brackets are designed to fix into existing points of your van. This is racking that is suited to your vehicle type with endless customizable options."


The bespoke nature of bott Smartvan van racking means that you can kit out your van no matter what your trade is. There are plenty of options available, and a library of inspiration here for you to start dreaming big! And when you’re ready, you can build your own solution using our online configurator - simply select your van’s make and model to get started.