5 Custom Van Racking Ideas For Electricians

bott Smartvan isn’t a one size fits all solution. With infinite ways to design and accessorize your van racking, no matter your trade we can find a bespoke system to help speed up and organise your working day.

One trade that absolutely benefits from a comprehensive storage system is Electricians. This trade requires plenty of tools and a lot of smaller parts and components. From pliers, screwdrivers and drills to cables, screws and fuses, plenty of our Electrician customers have implemented bott Smartvan to make their work life easier.

In this blog, we unpack the ultimate van racking configuration for Electricians. We then run through our top 5 accessories included within this design that best support the trade.


The Most Popular Van Racking for Electricians

There are so many different options at your fingertips in our configurator. However, the set up below is the most commonly chosen layout. (Please note, the variations of the modules and the quantity which you can install will of course vary van to van. Our online configurator will show you exactly what your options are if you simply enter the make & model of your vehicle)



It’s easy to see why this option is so popular with Electricians. With a huge storage capacity, this van racking setup is perfect for anybody managing a vast number of tools, components and smaller parts. Innovative design decisions have been made at every step to maximise organisation while keeping every part safe and secure. 

Read on as we explore the top 5 accessories that help take this van racking from great to unrivaled!


Case Holder Shelves

This shelving is a must-have for storing cases up to a width of 510mm. Primarily designed for storing power tools, the shelves are angled to prevent items falling out during transit. There are various fixing positions to keep things flexible and will arrive with two plastic stoppers that can be attached to suit the width of the items you need to store. 


The ultimate miscellaneous storage accessory, bottBoxes are perfect for all parts, tools and components. Whether you want to keep them fixed in the van or transport them onto the job, this accessory works with you to keep things efficient and organised. An extra element that customers often find useful is the see-through front panels. This gives tradespeople the insight to manage stock without rummaging around or unstacking boxes to open them up.

Cable Reel Holder Shelf

Available to shop in two sizes, this is such a handy accessory for Electricians working with reels of cable. This trough-shaped shelf has tapered sides for carrying varying sizes of reel and cylindrical shaped items. When you’re onsite, quick access to multiple items is fundamental, and this shelf accessory makes it easy to grab and go!

Systainer3 Organisers

This hard-wearing and practical accessory combines organisation with safety. You can easily shut, stack, secure and store with the innovative T-LOC element: opening, closing and connecting with just one turn. The Systainer3 integrates seamlessly into bott Smartvan van racking systems with side mounted guide rails to give you secure and adaptable transport between sites.

perfo Panels

Plenty of Electricians opt for Perfo Panels in their van racking set up. Made from reinforced galvanised steel, the panels allow you to safely secure and organise items and accessories. Simply clip and screw them into place for easy access when you’re on the go. And because they attach and detach so easily, you can quickly change the layout to best suit the tools and parts you need from project-to-project.

How to Shop This Van Racking Kit

Now that we’ve unpacked the key elements that make this layout the perfect choice for Electricians, it’s time to think about your own van racking.

Step 1: Visit our simply laid out van racking page and choose your vehicle manufacturer
Step 2: Select your van’s model so we can provide custom options for your kit
Step 3: Choose the correct variant of your vehicle
Step 4: Get creative! There are plenty of options for your make and model of van. And if you’re not sure, it’s super easy to get in touch with our expert team. 

Below we have created a list of the most popular accessories for electricians so you are able to read up on them in more detail. Just search their part numbers in the search bar, or look them up in the accessories tab. As you've seen in the image above, these accessories are found already within our modules, but you are also able to purchase them as extras to really maximise your vans storage space!

Case Holder Shelf - 19010130.19V

bottBoxes (Various sizes available) - 13022040.19, 13022039.19, 13022168.19

Cable Reel Holder Shelf (2 sizes available) - 19010151.19V, 19010150.19V

Systainer³ Organizers - (Several variations available) - Just click the hyperlink to see!

perfo Panels - (Several variations available) - Just click the hyperlink to see!