Glen Wakeling- Heating Engineer

Vehicle: Mercedes Sprinter

"I've had lots of good feedback from customers & fellow tradesman on how professional and organised my van looks"

Glen Wakeling is the owner of 'HeatSpec', a thriving Plumbing business based in Leicester. 

Glen understands the importance of being organised in his industry; each working day is extremely busy, and saving himself time wherever possible is essential. For the past 5 years Glen has been using a VW T6 with bott Smartvan racking, but his work has been evolving, and he recently made the decision that it was time to level up to a bigger van - this meant it was time for a new racking system to go with it! 

He recently came to visit our manufacturing site here in Bude, Cornwall, and we lent him a hand installing his new system. Check out the video below to see what Glen thought of our facility, and to get an overview on why he chose to buy from us again.



Why did Glen come back to bott Smartvan to rack out his new van?

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what we do, so when we see a customer coming back multiple times (5 times in Glens case!), we know we’re delivering on that. We wanted to know why it is that Glen continues to choose bott Smartvan in a market where there are so many different options:

“Getting organised and looking professional are really important in our job role. I’ve had lots of good feedback from tradesmen and customers on how professional and how organised the van is, I think that goes a long way for my customers.”

If you want to see a previous configuration Glen got from bott Smartvan in a VW T6 just click here.

How well does bott Smartvan racking integrate with the plumbing & heating Industry?

In the Plumbing & Heating industry there’s no end to the variety of tools Glen is required to take out on different jobs; he needs a system that will allow him to carry all of these in the van at all times, so he’s never caught out. 

“In the plumbing and heating game, having a variety of tools is crucial. If you've got the right tool, you can do your job properly, and if you don’t – life can be a lot harder!. The integrated systainer system means that I've got I can get all those tools I need on the van. So whichever job I go to, I can nail it. And as quickly as possible. Being organized is definitely crucial."

If you’d like to learn more about Glens business and see some of his own footage from his van install and his visit to bott, head to heatspec on Instagram!

What are Glens favourite features of our racking?

This is a question we love to ask, as the answers always vary! Every single customer of ours has their own unique requirements from their racking. Speaking to Glen, it’s plain to see that his work load varies vastly, so he needs to be able to adapt and modify his racking as his work evolves. For this reason, the versatility of our racking is a key selling point for him:

“The variety of things you can put in can be really honed into your individual trade, what you've got and what you need, and that's really important. Having that variety of selection is priceless. The beauty of it is, it’s so easy to change things around - you can change it however you need. Even in a couple of months if I decide I need to move things around, it’s a doddle to do.” 

Being able to customise his racking system to the extent that he has, has allowed Glen to become seamlessly organised, to the point where he knows where every single nut, bolt & washer are – no more wasting time rummaging around in the back of the van trying to find the tools you need!

“You can even say to someone who doesn’t know your van – if you go to the back of my van, 4th shelf up on the left, that’s where that’s going to be”

Glens thoughts on the no drill solution:

One of the best features of our racking, which make it a leading choice for EV’s, is the no-drill system (read all about why our racking is the top choice for your EV here !) We don’t want to incur any damage to your vehicle, and we want you to be able to switch up your racking and accessories easily whenever required. This feature has already benefited Glen, who as mentioned above, needs the flexibility of being able to tweak the design of his racking as and when.

“It’s so quick to put all the accessories into place. The beauty of it is, it’s so easy to change things around and it doesn’t leave the frames in a mess.”

We wanted to know what Glen thought of the vehicle specific brackets which are designed to fit perfectly in each vehicles own fixing points to ensure that no damage is done to your van during the install:

“The brackets are dead easy to fit in, they’re really sturdy and strong. You might worry that you’re going to have to drill into the side wall of the van - but you’re not. They’re designed to fit into the structure of the fixing points, and they’re not going anywhere, it’s going to last a really long time.”

What was Glens impression of our facility?

Our customers are often surprised to hear that all are products are manufactured here in picturesque Cornwall, just a 5 minute drive from the beach - it’s a bit of an unlikely setting for a large manufacturing site! We always enjoy welcoming our customers to our facility if they wish to make a visit, and gave Glen a tour of the factory so he could see the work involved in our products from start to finish.

“Coming down here I was gobsmacked just at how big the facility is; seeing the product being made - and being British made, was really refreshing. Every member of staff put so much care into what they were doing, seeing the detail every member of staff went into to do their bit is really impressive.”

Glens advice for people considering investing in van racking:

“The first time I bought the racking for the small van I did think, blimey, that's a big expense. However, as soon as you install it, within two or three days you gone it is 100% worth it. And it is an investment, but it's exactly that. It pays for itself immediately. It’s brilliant. It’s an investment for the future and it takes you to that next step of being a better tradesman.”

If you’d like to take Glens advice and have a look at how you could level up your van and achieve the same professional set up that’s impressing all his customers – just click here to head to our configurator. Simply input the make & model of your van to be shown step by step the different modules you can choose from.

And as always, if you have any questions or need assistance putting together a design for your vehicle, just call the bott Smartvan team on 01288 355666 and select option 2.