Simon Brock - Engineer

Vehicle: Ford Custom Crew Van

"I was fully aware of the quality of your products, and am even more impressed now I have installed mine."

As his business continues to grow and his workload increase, Simon needed to think about improving the organisation of his vehicle so he could access in seconds the tools he needed, rather than every day wasting time taking kit in and out the vehicle just to find what he needs.
Having used ply-racking before, he knew a ‘quick fix’ wasn’t going to be enough anymore, he wanted a professional system he could invest in for the long term which would ultimately save him money over time, and that’s just what we provide.



"What is the make and model of your van?"

"Ford transit custom"


"How has professional van racking changed the way you work?"

"The new racking will change the way I work immensely and more importantly save me a lot of time and enable me to work much leaner as I have come out of a ford ranger which I had to remove all sorts of items to ever find what I was looking for."


"Did you have any doubts about our racking previously and have those doubts gone now you’ve installed your racking?"

"Never had any doubts as I’m fully aware of the quality of your products and in fact even more impressed now I have installed mine."


"What in your opinion, are the best features of our racking system and which is your favorite accessory?"

"The best feature for me is the interlocking tool boxes which allow me to arrange my tools and accessories into organised easy access, that said this isn’t possible without the racking or the brackets etc so the whole system is the best feature."


"If you’ve used ply racking before, how would you say metal racking compares?"

"I would say it’s not even a comparison as this is premium, efficient and sleek where I see ply is a means to get by I would say rather than a long term investment."


"How would you rate the value for money of Smartvan racking?"

"I would say the first thing that’s comes to mine is you buy cheap you buy twice which is something me and my friends always say to each other I am confident that I will only buy this once with no issues which gives me great peace of mind."


"When looking for a new racking system, what made you choose bott Smartvan?"

"Knowledge of how good the products are."


"What advice would you give to anyone thinking about ordering Smartvan racking?"

"Go for it without any hesitation if you look at ease of use and quality I would say over a certain term I would confidently say the whole cost of owning anything from BOTT would be less than anyone else anyway."


"What improvements would you recommend, and were there any downsides to the racking?"

The only improvements I could suggest which may save you money your end would be that a lot of the bolts used to install are not required due to the fact that they already exist on the van in first place you you’re replacing like for like, with this in mind this reduced cost your end could either improve your profitability or give further reductions to the customer? Maybe you could make the installation kit and optional extra rather than generic?


"How did you find the service from start to finish?"

"An enjoyable experience from picking my own equipment, rapid delivery, communication and then even welcomed really well when attending your Bude site for a catch up with Nick and Tracey I really enjoyed the walk around with David to see how things are done."