5 Van Racking Ideas For Small Vans

No matter the size of your vehicle, you will be mindful of its capacity to store everything you need. Whether you travel with large tools, transport sizable materials in and out, or need ample room to carry out tasks in the back, your van has to hit the brief. And this is particularly important when you own a small vehicle. When there’s less space to play with, your interior needs to be expertly organised, with every inch of your racking designed to follow the profiles of your van. 

In this blog, we’ll explore 5 ways to get the most out of your small van with van racking setups and accessories. At the end, we’ll hand you over to our configurator where you can select your specific make and model of vehicle to design your perfect solution.

1. Optimise storage with van racking modules

There are so many different options at your fingertips in our configurator. However, the set up below is the most commonly chosen layout. (Please note, the variations of the modules and the quantity which you can install will of course vary van to van. Our online configurator will show you exactly what your options are if you simply enter the make & model of your vehicle).


When kitting out a small vehicle, choosing a van racking set up with plenty of storage is the ideal way to get started. Based on the tools and components on board, there are several different pre-loaded modules that offer excellent storage capacity.


For example, when looking at one of the most popular small van’s on the market - the Ford Transit Connect - there are plenty of options focused on optimal storage. For the dual side door panel van model, you’ll find racks loaded up with the Systainer3 for the right and left hand rear position. 

By adding the Systainer3 to your racking, you’ll immediately maximise storage. This accessory in particular is famed for its robust, hard-wearing nature, ensuring your items are held securely when in transit.

2. Layer different accessories to suit your requirements

While there are plenty of options featuring stacked shelving or cases, there are also pre-made racks with a selection of storage options for those that need variety. Our most popular option for the Connect is the M3-2205.


Helpfully fitting into the existing fixing points in your van, this module has a number of handy accessories to help you organise your inventory. The accessories can also be adjusted within the metal frames, providing you with the flexibility to create a more efficient space as your work and tools evolve over time. 

This frame includes:

  • Shelves of different depths, with non-slip mats to prevent items falling off during transit
  • 3 bottBoxes to allow for smaller component storage
  • The L89 Organiser - which has 20 small compartments inside for tiny items such as screws and nails.

For those that need areas to store much smaller items, this is a great option - preventing pieces from going missing and helping you to keep track of your inventory over time.

3. Consider raised flooring

Small vans require strategic thinking, so don’t forget about the storage potential under your feet! There are several raised flooring options across many makes and models, including the Connect. 

Our most popular option for this model includes Euroboxes to further grow storage capacity. Raised floors provide an extra layer of space, while still providing access to the base floor, to help you transport large items. This is all done while maintaining the original floor space in your van.

4. Utilise all wall space

Where you don’t have boxes and other storage accessories, consider Perfo panels to help maximise space. These can be attached to a number of areas, including the bulkhead where there often isn’t space for larger accessories. 

Made from reinforced galvanised steel, use these panels to safely secure and organise tools and components. You can also use this area to attach documents that you need readily available. The storage board is compatible with a large range of Perfo accessories, such as cable hooks, spring clips, glove boxes and wipes.

5. Tailor shelving to your needs

The most important part of designing your van racking is fitting it to your specific trade and associated requirements. When you’re working in a smaller space, everything must have a purpose that aids your day-to-day in the field. As such, we have a selection of van racking shelving options that easily fit into your racking, with no drills needed. From cable reel shelves and power tool shelves to shelf box kits and shelf dividers, the customization options are endless.

Explore the bott Smartvan configurator

The best way to understand the panels and accessories available for your vehicle is to play with our configurator. Starting here, you can choose your van make and model to ensure the van racking is specifically fitted to your vehicle. And then the fun begins! Pick and choose from the available modules and see your van interior come together. And remember, if you’re ever stuck, our team is always on hand to offer bespoke advice for you and your vehicle.