Dave Hamilton - Locksmith

Vehicle: Vauxhall Vivaro

"I used to sometimes have stock damaged by moving around in the van, but now everything has a place."



"What made you decide to get bott Smartvan racking installed?"

"Efficient storage solutions"


"What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in your day-to-day since installing bott Smartvan racking?"

"Easy access to my tools and stock and it is also a lot tidier."


"What has impressed you the most about your new set up?"

"The amount of space I utilise compared to my equipment being on the floor in my old van - convenience and how secure it is fixed down is a huge benefit."


"Have there been any key money-saving benefits?"

"I used to sometimes have stock damaged by moving around in the van etc now everything has a place."


"And what about time saving benefits?"

"I dont have to rummage through my van to find what I need which definitely saves me time and stress."


"In terms of the accessories you’ve customised your van racking with, which is your favourite?"

"The tilt trays for power tools and the bott tool boxes."


"If you had to do it all again, would you do anything differently?"

"Check I had the correct size van before ordering the wrong parts (completely my fault)."


"If you could change anything about the order / design process what would it be and why?"

"Nothing, Emma has been amazing and is a great asset to the team, if you need assistance she is always there to help."


"Do you have any advice to people considering racking out their vans?"

"I appreciate it is expensive but if you plan to have longevity within your business I think its a must to make the day to day running a lot easier."